Finally it’s here

We are back with 1 episode which was due to be published last December… Also its the first and final episode forĀ 2016. We will be back in 2017 with something new… Stay tuned for that.

Fox in a Box

This is our January episode. Brandon and Carmela catchup to chat about things.

I seen his doodle!

The final episode of the year, Brandon and Carmela exchange christmas gifts, Chicken Lady pops in to ruffle some feathers and Carmela talks about her radio school.

Brandon Returns

Talking about Rhonda the chicken, bogans, and other things.

Carmela talks to Rachel

Brandon is away in this episode, but fear not because Carmela has taken control and is talking to the amazing Rachel, who not only has an amazing New Zealand accent, but she also creates YouTube videos. Carmela met Rachel at Radio School and they catchup in this episode to talk about things.

Carmela vs Chicken Lady

Brandon takes the week off and Carmela has called upon the Chicken Lady to fill in his spot. They attempt to resolve their issues and Carmela suggests that Chicken Lady should sleep with Brandon.

Carmela is back!

Carmela is back and the live audience is gone. Sorry about the audio quality this week… Technical issues occurred.